Hoop Dreams is a core basketball program that accelerates individual development. We help athletes enhance their basketball skills and translate what they have learned from the practice court to game competition. Players will participate in advanced drill sequences, game simulation drills and scrimmages. All activities are monitored and conducted by highly trained staff. Our staff consists of high school and AAU basketball coaches, strength and conditioning trainers and nutritionists. 

During the Health Workshop nutritionists will teach the importance of healthy eating, proper dieting and exercise. Food provided in schools is extremely unhealthy​. There is a lack of education in schools and at home on nutritional value. Childhood obesity is a growing issue that effects thousands of youth. It increases the risk of many health complications. Our program helps youth to develop healthy exercise habits that will help them maintain a healthier lifestyle. We encourage youth and their parents to stay fit together​.  

Today's youth are the next generation of leaders. It is our job to mentor, encourage and empower them. Our Leadership program consists of lessons in teamwork, college preparation, goal setting, conflict resolution and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to help them discover their own strengths and areas of opportunities. By allowing them to communicate with their peers, it naturally brings leaders to the top of the pack. This initiative was created because we saw a need for a social and interpersonal skills enrichment program. We want our youth to be leaders and motivators to their peers. Here at Hoop Dreams our teen’s walk away knowing they have the ability to achieve and be responsible for their lives. It’s a great feeling when we empower our teens by teaching them how to develop their positive attributes, enabling them to be self-confident and independent thinkers. With Hoop Dreams being a Non-Profit organization we are also instilling and promoting a volunteer ethic, which includes serving as ambassadors for furthering Hoop Dreams Youth Leadership.

Hoop Dreams Inc.

Live. LeaRN. HOOP.

Areas Highlighted 

  • Physical Conditioning
  • Ball Handling
  • Shooting 
  • Offense and Defense